• What is the phone number to call if I have questions?
    (585) 535-7381

  • What items are banned form camp?
    Cell phones, lap tops, computers, tablets, DVD players, any electronic device that connects to the internet, lighters, any open flames,  weapons of any kind including but not limited to knives, guns, BB guns, sling shops, etc., Alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco products both smoked and chewed, E cigarettes of any kind including but not limited to vapes, JUUls etc.Bringing any of the above items to camp will result in immediate dismissal from camp and loss of camp fees.4-H Camp Wyomoco has a NO TOLERANCE policy regarding contraband items at camp.Parents are required to read the camper code of conduct and sign it with their child.

  • What is the refund policy?  

    Before the start of camp: If a doctor's certificate is provided stating that the camper is unable to attend camp because of illness or injury, the camp fee, minus the deposit, will be refunded. A letter from a principal or other school official is required for campers who cancel out of a week because they have to attend summer school. The balance, minus the deposit, will be refunded. Refunds for the balance of the camp fee, less the deposit, are made ONLY for cancellations received in writing at least three weeks prior to the opening day of the camp session.

    During Camp: If the health staff and the camp director decide that a camper should be sent home for medical reasons, a refund for the balance of the camp period will be made on a prorated basis, minus deposit, computed as of noon each day. If a camper is experiencing a difficult adjustment to camp or is sent home because of a behavior problem, no refund will be granted. Under no circumstances will the deposit be refunded or transferred.

  • Can my child arrive late to camp?
    Yes, we would prefer your child to arrive between 1:00PM and 3:00PM but no later than 8:00PM on registration day.Please call the camp office (if you are going to be late) to confirm your arrival time.(585) 535-7381
  • What time is registration on Sunday? 
    Registration is in the dining hall between 1:00PM and 3:00PM.Gates will open at 12:50PM but not before.
  • What time is registration for day campers?
    Day campers arrive each day (Monday through Friday) at 8:45 AM.Staff are at breakfast until 8:45.
  • What time is pick-up on Friday?
    Pick-up for all campers is between 4:30PM and 5:00PM in the camp office.If you arrive early, you will have to wait at the office.
  • Does my child need a physical to attend camp? 
    No, a physical in not required
  • Do I have to have a physician complete the medical form in the camper packet?
    The medical form is optional HOWEVER, the nurse will not be able to administer any medication to your child during camp and your child may not have any medications in their possession or in their cabin.This includes any supplements or over-the-counter medications.
  • Can I use the same form that I use for my child’s school?
    The school form cannot be accepted at camp due to Department of Health requirements for overnight camp programs.It can be submitted as additional information.
  • Can I bring the camper information packet to camp at registration?
    Only as a last resort.The camp nurse reviews health forms prior to arrival to ensure your child has a successful week at camp and to help the registration line move quicker.
  • Can I make my final payment at camp?
    We do not have the ability to process payments at camp so we ask that you make every effort to settle any outstanding balance by the Friday before your child arrives at camp.If there is an issue please call the camp office to make arrangements. (585) 535-7381
  • Can my child switch activity choices at camp? 
    Yes. They can change activities while at camp.
  • When is the camper information packet due?
    June 1st or As soon as possible once you are registered but at least 3 weeks before your child arrives.
  • When are cabins and cabin mates assigned?
    The week before your child arrives at camp.The camp director assigns cabins.
  • Can I find out how my child is doing at camp?
    You are welcome to call the camp office at 595-535-7381 with questions about your child.
  • Does my child get snacks at camp?
    We serve cookies and fruit in the morning and we provide an evening snack before bed.(Fruit, raisins, granola etc.)
  • How are food allergies handled?
    We make every attempt to accommodate food allergies.We can provide a menu in advance as needed. You may also send supplemental food to camp for your child.
  • Can my child have their cell phone to take pictures only?
  • When should I call camp directly?
    As needed.
  • When and where are camp pictures available to view online?
    We try to post photos daily on Facebook with pictures from the previous day’s activities.
  • Can a parent come to camp to administer medications?
    Yes, but we do have a registered nurse on staff to dispense medications.You can speak to the nurse at registration about your child’s medication and schedules.
  • When using cookie credits towards the camp fee, are they refundable?
    Cookie credits are considered a regular form of payment and thus follow the refund policy.
  • When can I expect my refund?
    All refunds are processed at the end of the camp season and adhere to the published refund policy.
  • Will there be a camp store?
    We no longer offer a camp store.
  • If I am bringing my own horse, do I need to bring it food?
    Yes, All Bring-a-horse campers are required to bring their horse food for the week and any other supplied needed for the horse.
  • Do the campers get any downtime during the day?
    Yes, all campers have two periods of time during the day where they will have unstructured supervised play time.

Last updated November 20, 2018