camp activities



Our swim program is based on the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program which ranges from introductory lessons for the beginner to more advanced swimmers.  Every swim level emphasizes personal safety as well as stroke refinement. The program is closely supervised by experienced American Red Cross Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors.


Did you ever try to grab onto a watermelon covered with vegetable oil and then attempt to swim with it past a goal line?  How about a game of blob tag?  These are just two of the activities that you might enjoy when you sign up for water games.  The games we choose at Wyomoco will be filled with fun and will be enjoyable for campers of any age!



Wyomoco Canoe and Kayak program offers something for everyone.  On our three-acre pond, beginner paddlers will learn to canoe safely, practicing basic strokes and maneuvering techniques. They’ll develop skills in combining strokes, adapting to wind conditions, navigation and self-rescuing. Camp Wyomoco also offers kayaking! Our instructors will introduce you to many of the wonderful aspects of this awesome sport.  You’ll come away with a great sense of accomplishment when you work toward mastering the skills of kayaking!

Performing Arts


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a clown? Then this is the activity for you! Juggling, balloon animals and face painting are some of the skills that you’ll experience. You’ll also enjoy participating in comedy skits, learning jokes and playing games of the imagination. And no one here will tell you to “STOP CLOWNING AROUND!”


Learn and participate in a variety of dramatic arts including drama skits, dancing, improvisation games, or vocal performance with one of Wyomoco’s talented cast members in preparation for a brief, end of the week, performance for your camp friends!


Bring your favorite musical instrument and jam with the Wyomoco staff. No formal lessons here, just time for making music and fun! Write a song for campfire or just enjoy jammin’ together!

Visual Arts


Try your hand at a variety of crafts, some with natural materials and others using contemporary materials and designs.  It’s fun, it’s creative and it’s Wyomoco Arts and Crafts!


Campers explore a variety of mediums including pen and ink, charcoal, water color and acrylic. We may try landscape, figure, or still life drawing. Every day is a new adventure.


Learn about digital cameras and principles of photography. Take pictures of camp and try out some basic editing techniques. Learn how to do trick photography using some different ideas.


To participate in the CIT 1 program at Camp Wyomoco campers must be 14 by July 1st. For CIT 2 campers must be 15 by July 1st and to be a CIT 3 campers must be age 16 by July 1st. This program is for campers who are interested in working as a camp counselor. They will learn the ins and outs of leadership and working with children. Campers will challenge themselves and build teamwork skills on the low ropes course. All Counselors –in-training live in the CIT village and participate in a variety of camp programs to learn how to teach and have fun! CITs at camp also develop or help with service projects at camp that may benefit camp or the community. Campers who participated in the CIT 2 program last year will receive a letter from the CIT staff inviting them to participate in CIT 3.

Due to the overwhelming response to the CIT program, campers will be limited to one week of CIT camp per summer. There will be a maximum of 14 girls and 14 boys during each week of the CIT program. Participation in the CIT program is first come, first serve, and is subject to approval by the camp director. CIT3 Campers who are attending more than one week of camp: We will try to schedule your CIT week for the last week of your camp attendance. 



Is it in your nature to explore nature? If so, then you should take part in our Nature program. Camp Wyomoco has 285 acres filled with a variety of plant and animal life. Our nature staff will guide you through the natural world of plants, animals and hidden treasures. Terrariums and aquariums may be used for observing wildlife until they are safely released back into their natural habitat.


Learn how to extract the DNA from strawberries and then make a solar fruit smoothie with just the energy of the sun. Learn about wind energy and renewable resources and figure out the best blade style to capture the most wind energy.


In this activity campers will learn about the wide variety of species of plants and animals that inhabit the pond and creek at Wyomoco. They will spend time observing a variety of fish, frogs, crayfish, turtles and more. Be prepared to get wet as we walk through a variety of aquatic habitats


At Wyomoco, every camper has the chance to become the next Olympic archer. Campers can work their way through skill levels to reach the title of Master Bowman! Instructors are certified by the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports program. Archers will learn first and foremost safety and skill with the help of a trained instructor.

Outdoor Skills


Catch the BIG ONE! The pond at Camp Wyomoco is stocked with a variety of fish including sun fish, bluegill, bass, perch and the ever elusive “Giant Grass Carp”. Bring your own gear or use ours and enjoy your time dropping a line in the water. Learn to bait a hook, cast and remove the fish from the line. If you’re a seasoned fisher-person or beginner you’ll see why people get “hooked” on this lifetime activity!


Campers will learn the basics of safety and survival in the great outdoors. Staff will instruct on proper fire building techniques, shelter building and outdoor cooking. Campers learn the principles of leave no trace camping and respect for the natural environment.


Hiking at Camp Wyomoco is always a great time. We have over 285 acres of hiking trails from easy to more challenging. You might walk through pine forest or take a trip to the gorge but you will always enjoy a hike at camp.


Camp offers 3 great ways to learn more about horses: horse Camp (week 1 only), Horse focus (Weeks 2-5) and Horse class which is offered during weeks 2 through 5. There is an additional fee for horses depending on which horse program you are interested in.. Campers will get the opportunity to learn about the horse and its basic care as well as spending time in the saddle and learning new skills! Based on each camper’s experience and skill level, you may ride in the rings or go on a trail ride. This is a great opportunity to experience horsemanship for the beginner!


Each day brings a surprise! It may be Beach Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Frisbee Golf or a number of other fun activities. If you like to play sports and be active you will enjoy this activity!


Our campers at the beginner level will learn the fundamentals of basketball while our intermediate skill level campers work toward improving their ball handling, shooting and passing techniques. This is all coupled with plenty of time playing the game itself! Emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship is stressed as it is with all Wyomoco athletic programs.


Campers learn the rules of the game, how to serve, bump and pass the volleyball in this fun activity open for all ages. Younger campers often start out with Newcomb and work their way up to traditional game format and rotation.


Learn the art of swordsmanship under the guidance or our fencing counselors as you practice the techniques of foil fencing. Fencing is fun for boys and girls and campers of all ages. Beginners start with the rules and safety guidelines using camps fencing equipment including jackets, helmets and gloves. Campers practice balance, footwork, body movement and blade training as the learn skills that are both physically and mentally challenging.


Everyone can play soccer! Campers can expect to improve upon fundamental soccer skills such as ball control, dribbling, trapping and passing. We teach beginners the rules for throw-ins, penalties, corner and goal kicks. Skills taught at the intermediate and advanced levels include work on kickoffs, side-fouls, top of the foot, left/right curls and chipping techniques for shooting accuracy.


Campers will improve their communication, leadership and team skills through a variety of activites on our challenge course and some new ground elements under the supervision of trained facilitators.


Last updated December 27, 2019