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Family Camp 

Come visit camp for the day and boat, hike, shoot archery and more.   Bring the family (up to 8 persons) for one price.    Pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors.   Your family will get their own spot for lunch and have their own time at each activity.   Families will be required to fill out a simple health questionnaire before attending.  For more details go to 2020 Camp Family Days.   You can also call the office at 585-786-2251.  Please note that we are not in the office full time so it may take some time to return your call.

We can't wait to see you at camp!


COVID 19 update.....

Hello camp families, campers, friends, staff, and alumni,

After much deliberation and careful consideration, it is with a very heavy heart that we have made the decision to close our gates for the 2020 4-H Camp Wyomoco season.This was not a decision we made lightly, and the safety and well-being of our campers, staff, and community remain our number one priority.While we’re heartbroken, we felt it was impossible to meet the mission of camp while also safely managing pandemic conditions for both our campers and our staff alike.

Thank you all for your unwavering support and dedication during this difficult time.Currently we are planning other programming options for campers; these options could include virtual camp programming and/or possible small group or family activities in person at camp later in the fall.We are also looking for ways to still connect with all of you throughout the summer, so stay tuned for news about the possibility for family programs and some CIT news!Remember to follow us on Facebook for updates and to reach out to us at any time.We’re here for you all summer and year-round!

While 4-H Camp Wyomoco will look different this year, we want you to remember that we will come back to our home away from home next year.We will build another fantastic staff that can’t wait to create “camp magic” for another group of Wyomoco campers.We will welcome horses again and ride the camp trails.We will make friendship bracelets for, literally, EVERYONE!We will make our horseshoe around the flagpole each morning and recite the 4-H Pledge.We will feel that glow of returning home when we turn into the driveway on drop-off day. We will marvel at the awesome view across the fields and the hills. We will play, laugh, dance the night away, put on costumes, meet for cookie break, and round-up at the trees to do attendance.Maybe we will pause for a moment to just take in the beauty and magic all around us. We will be together once again to close out campfires the way we always do…because each campfire lights anew the flames of friendship true!We will be back at 4-H Camp Wyomoco, and we look forward to welcoming everyone for the greatest camp season yet in 2021!


4-H Camp Wyomoco Staff

A Few notes about our new registration process with UltraCamp:

  • Create one main account per family, using the primary parent/guardian contact information - you can add multiple campers per family.
  • You will need to have the following information ready to set up your account and add campers and register:
    • Contact information for primary and secondary contact
    • Account password (letters and numbers only, should not be a password you use for anything else)
    • Camper information and photo (digital) - REQUIRED to complete registration
      • Camper health insurance coverage
      • Allergies 
      • Medical history
      • Immunization records (upload as attachment or mail to our office- these are MANDATORY per NYS)
    • Alternate contact if both parent/guardian/emergency contacts can't be reached
    • Additional people approved to pick up your child from camp
    • Week and activity selections


Camp Wyomoco is open to all children, ages 8-16. The Wyomoco Resident Camp Program addresses the developmental needs and interests of campers within the goals and objectives of 4-H Youth Development and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wyoming County. The program intends to help campers’ ages 8 through 16 grow and learn in a healthy, positive environment; give them a wonderful, fun-filled week at camp, and provide a safe place for both these things to happen. 4-H Camp Wyomoco is fully owned and operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wyoming County.


If you are an Independent Health Member and Have the Health Extras Card, You may be able to pay for camp with your Health Extras Card. 4-H Camp Wyomoco is now an authorized vendor! Please contact our office to process a payment through your Health Extra's card.

Last updated July 17, 2020