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2018 Registration Homepage

Registration is now open!

**Horse Focus for week 4 and week 5 is FULL**

The following Weeks are FULL:
Week 2 (Time Travel), Clover Bud Session 1 (7/14-7/16), Clover Bud Session 2 (7/17-7/19), Week 3 (Olympic Week)


A Few notes about our new registration process with UltraCamp:

  • Create one main account per family, using the primary parent/guardian contact information - you can add multiple campers per family.
  • You will need to have the following information ready to set up your account and add campers and register:
    • Contact information for primary and secondary contact
    • Account password (letters and numbers only, should not be a password you use for anything else)
    • Camper information and photo (digital) - REQUIRED to complete registration
      • Camper health insurance coverage
      • Allergies 
      • Medical history
      • Immunization records (upload as attachment or mail to our office)
    • Alternate contact if both parent/guardian/emergency contacts can't be reached
    • Additional people approved to pick up your child from camp
    • Week and activity selections

Click here to register now!

New for 2019

If you are an Independent Health Member and Have the Health Extras Card, You may be able to pay for camp with your Health Extras Card.  4-H Camp Wyomoco is now an authorized vendor!  Please contact our office to process a payment through your Health Extra's card.

New for 2019 - Dairy STEM CAMP

Dairy STEM Camp is an intensive look into the dairy industry for teens interested in careers in dairy.Wyoming County’s leading industry is the dairy industry, so the county provides great resources for teaching youth about all aspects of the industry.Dairy STEM Camp is designed so that youth with any level of experience are provided with a positive learning experience.Activities vary from workshop type settings to hands on learning and working with cattle.Campers will travel each day to farms and other agribusinesses to see the dairy industry at work.After completing the camp, youth work together to create a presentation for sponsors and parents.Overall, the objectives of the camp are to create and/or build practical skills in the dairy industry and to expose youth to the diverse careers in the dairy industry, in addition to building friendships and working as a team!To participate in this program, campers must be between 13-19 and only 20 campers will be accepted.Dairy STEM Camp will start on Monday July 8th at 8:00AM and finish with a presentation on Friday July 12th at 5:00 PM with a presentation at 4-H Camp Wyomoco.  Please contact the office for details and an application.


Camp Wyomoco is open to all children, ages 8-16. The Wyomoco Resident Camp Program addresses the developmental needs and interests of campers within the goals and objectives of 4-H Youth Development and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wyoming County. The program intends to help campers’ ages 8 through 16 grow and learn in a healthy, positive environment; give them a wonderful, fun-filled week at camp, and provide a safe place for both these things to happen. 4-H Camp Wyomoco is fully owned and operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wyoming County.

Last updated July 26, 2019